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Erika Heller

Erika Heller

Welcome to the One Million Amazing Women blog! Thanks for stopping by!

This blog is inspired by one truly courageous spirit, friend and soul-sister, Erika Heller. Erika was diagnosed with stage-four inoperable cancer at the age of 27.

She never once asked, “Why me?” but rather called the diagnosis “A gift!”

She lived life with all the passion, love and exuberance of a person cramming in as much as she could, in the shortest amount of time!

In the midst of chemo rounds she met and fell in love with a wonderful man Ryan. They were married June 2008 at a dreamy, fairy tale wedding.

She couldn’t have children – an irony – since she was THAT person who should have been blessed with a flock of them. She became a meaningful presence in my children’s lives. She represented raw fun, unconditional love and true understanding.

On the morning of May 23 my 10-year-old daughter, who was especially close to Erika, came in to my room to report she had a dream, in which I arrived home carrying a clip board and announcing that Erika had passed away. On the clipboard in big, black, bold numbers was 28!
Five days later, on May 28th, Erika Heller quietly slipped away…

It isn’t often you meet someone who changes your life in such a magnificent way and who unknowingly offers lessons on LIVING, by the grace of her example. She lead almost every conversation with a discussion of how amazing each of us thought the other was and what beauty and enrichment we brought each other.

Erika MASTERED, and unintentionally taught those around her, the value of connecting, uniting and friendship!

This blog is a place to recognize all the amazing women in our lives, like Erika, who inspire us, uplift us and make the world a better place. Our unsung “sheroes.” These are the women-our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, neighbours, coworkers, teachers and friends-both living and in memory-who never make headlines but who play an integral part in the life of one individual.

Erika taught me the importance of expressing my feelings in the moment. She never left a word of kindness, love or appreciation unspoken. It is my sincere hope and my goal to keep her memory alive and to “Pay it forward” by creating a legacy of her and for all women to share in.

This blog is the launch of a grassroots movement to UNITE 1,000,000 AMAZING women in solidarity and recognition of the simple, humble but deeply meaningful and life altering qualities that women effortlessly possess. If you know any amazing women, all you have to do is visit; http://www.beawoman.org/NominationPage.html and acknowledge them by nominating them as an amazing woman.

Nominating is FREE…it’s fast…and it feels good. Your nominee will receive a copy of what you wrote on a beautiful certificate, all of which which will elicit a euphoric feeling of happiness for both of you! It’s that simple and that meaningful!

Nominate as many women as you’d like – there is no limit.

So, following Erika’s lead, let’s all tell each other what we admire most about each other…
And let’s live in the understanding that life is a GIFT… say it and do it while we feel it…while we CAN!

Tell all your friends to join the movement and nominate! Help me reach my goal of uniting 1,000,000 amazing women!

With much thanks,


ps – come back often for video interviews, updates and inspiring stories of amazing women!

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