Flash mob update and a message of thanks!

I had a great meeting with two of the wonderful and talented choreographers behind the flash mob we’ll be performing and filming the end of February – Maureen & Stephanie. I get goosebumps just talking about it!!! 🙂This will be us soon :)

We are tying up last minute details for making this a memorable event for everyone involved. I know this video will connect with people all around the world and bring a smile to many faces.

To everyone who has eagerly signed up to dance with us-I thank you so very much! Your enthusiasm and commitment to be part of the rehearsal and filming is so valuable, heartfelt and completely energizing! The stories some of you have shared about people who have touched your lives – is what this is all about. I look forward to hearing more stories from you in person – on this blog or on our facebook fan page “I Believe She’s Amazing.”

If ever for one second – anyone has felt the world is a bad place – think again. There are amazing people everywhere you turn – many are standing right beside you.

I look forward to meeting everyone at the upcoming rehearsal and filming days. I will be sending emails out to you all with more details – in the coming days.

Until then,
Keep on believing in the power of one person to make a wonderful difference in the world – YOU!
With love and gratitude,
Kim x

you can easily reach me with questions at kimmacgregor@rogers.com

One thought on “Flash mob update and a message of thanks!

  1. Hi Kim
    Thnak you for the joy and happiness this experience has given me.
    It was a beautiful and moving tribute to those we hold dear. It was
    like having a emotionallly charged family for two days and the connection with these people was magic. Goes to show, with love you can do anything. It has been a privilege and honour to celebrate our heroes with you. If at any time you decide to do another event, please do not hesitate to contact me. I loved every moment and was able to honour my niece who passed away not long after her wedding with bone and breast cancer.
    Thank you again
    Your friend Maureen Johnston

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