Never Give Up!

Everyone has experienced some moment in time when the smooth road you were traveling suddenly seems full of speed bumps. Remember in these moments that these obstacles don’t just run across YOUR path…you are not doomed to failure or fraught with “bad-luck!” STUFF happens to everyone…it’s part of life.

The question is what will YOU choose to do?

Will you throw your hands up in surrender or will you persevere…find a new route…a way around your impending road block and create a new path for yourself? Out of these moments that seem intended to stop us from succeeding or achieving our goals–when we choose to “Stick-to-it” we inevitably discover incredible things about ourselves and the world that we might never have known about before. Great opportunities appear before us that we may have missed.

When we choose to NEVER GIVE UP – our dreams are even sweeter than we imagined!

One of my favorite and most inspiring people was Randy Pausch the ordinary professor famous for the “Last Lecture” who taught us valuable lessons on living. His lecture provides powerful insights about never giving up, among other lessons. I hope you enjoy this 10 min video. Even if you’ve seen it before-it’s worth watching again!

I’d love to share your story of “Never giving up” to inspire other readers.

Remember one person can make a difference…that ONE person is YOU!

With love,
Inspired friend xo

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