Spreading Some Oxytocin Around the World

Have you ever spent time with a girlfriend and felt your energy shift to complete joy and happiness as a result of your time together?

Chances are you’re nodding your head YES with a knowing grin on your face as you read this.

As women, we have the good fortune of easily communicating with one another on a level that goes way beyond the superficial. We reach out to get advice, give advice and to share our life stories so that other people can be spared the pain we have felt and enjoy the happiness we all crave. But we also reach out because we are wired to…because it makes us “feel good” to connect with other women.

There is scientific proof that demonstrates how healthy it is for us as women to have our “girl get-together’s.” A group of female scientists at UCLA conducted research in 2000 and discovered that women respond to stress with the release of oxytocin – a response they categorized as “tend-and-befriend.” Oxytocin is that magic, “feel-good,” nurturing chemical released in childbirth, nursing and being in the presence of female friends.

It explains why we walk away from a girl’s get-together, coffee, phone call or conversation feeling so elated, clear and calm. I just experienced it yesterday after a super conversation with my very dear friend, business partner and surrogate mother Sharon! I have learned a great deal from her about patience, strength and undeniable resilience. She is a tender ear, a caring soul and a true friend.

My beautiful friend Sharon xo

I cannot help but feel grateful for my wonderful friendships and for the gift of meeting amazing new women all the time with whom I bond through shared experiences, laughter, and an exchange of ideas from which I grow as a person.

For today…I recognize my dear friend Sharon whom I believe is an amazing woman!!

Don’t forget to tell all the amazing women you know how you feel about them…there’s scientific evidence to prove it will make you both feel better! Join the journey, inspired by my dear friend Erika Heller, to unite one million amazing women at I Believe She’s Amazing and help spread some oxytocin around the world!

It can only help make the world a better place.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love,

Inspired friend xo

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