And then there were 14, 200…

What started out as a simple act of kindness from a friend…the words “I think you’re amazing” as the post script to every conversation we shared, has become a global movement.

Our views on YouTube are up over 14,200 in just over one week…and climbing as we reach for the goal of 1,000,000 views.

The greatest joy is feeling the ripple effect that is reaching out and uniting amazing people around the world…in Italy, Greece, Mexico, the UK, India, Australia and Germany among others.

I am inundated with recognitions being sent to hundreds of amazing women daily by people who have joined the movement.

I am inspired beyond belief. I want to share some of the stories of the amazing women-mother’s, sisters, aunts, friends-I am hearing about. If you have a short story of a woman who has inspired you please let me know and we can share it.

Thank you for being a part of this journey…let’s keep spreading the joy…the world can never feel “too good.”

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend

11 thoughts on “And then there were 14, 200…

  1. This is SO neat! Stumbled acrossed it on Facebook one day and couldn’t be more excited. What a wonderfully simple way to spread some joy. You are doing good work–Don’t ever forget it!

    • Hello Helen,
      Thank you so much for reaching out!
      I am so happy to hear this has touched you and your daughter and created such a wonderful dialogue!
      Big hugs to you both and thank you for being a part of this global movement,
      Kim xo

  2. Hi Kim
    Just wanted to say that the video and story has touched my heart and the hearts of all of my girlfriends. The video has been whizzing through cyberland to each other over the last few days. We are not afraid of showing our feelings to each other but this has further reinforced the love and bond we have.

    much love and huggles

    • Hello Jennifer,
      It makes my heart sing to read your beautiful words! Thank you so much for reaching out to share this with me.
      You are very blessed to have such good friends and I am delighted you are all now a part of this exciting journey!
      With much love and appreciation,
      Inspired friend xo

      • Hi Kim

        Much love to you too my awesome friend.

        As so many of us ‘girls’ live all over the word, we are meeting up in Feb 2011. Partly to meet an actress Amanda Tapping who is also inspiratonal for us. Please check her out if you do not know her. A true humanitarian. Plus to meet up and share the love that we feel for each other in person.

        We are building up a ‘music list’ and I am certain that ‘Amazing’ will be at the top of the list.

        Have a fabulous week

        Much love

        Jen xoxoxox

      • Hi Jennifer-Amanda Tapping is a wonderful actress-my brother has worked with her on Stargate.
        You “meet-up” sounds like it will be WONDERFUL-what a fabulous idea for a bunch of amazing women!
        Much love to you Jennifer,
        Kim xoxoxoxox

  3. Thank you. Connected to you on facebook through carol tuttle. Watched the video and now I’m crying. Beautiful video and beautiful cause. Thank you!

  4. Oh wow Kim !!!! Now there’s a coincidence or maybe fate????? What’s your brothers name?

    205 days to go till we meet but who’s counting???? errrrr I tink that would be us…… teehee

    love, peace and harmony

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