Madison, Mommyhood, Mentorship and a Worthy Movement

Looking at this title I realize I could have called it Mmmm…and indeed it is delicious…which is why even writing about it now…a month later, I am still savoring every minute of my memories (I did it again – another Mmmm word).

Madison & I at Dove Movement launch

Madison & I at Dove Movement launch

Thanks to founder Erica Ehm (who for the record I think the world of), my daughter Madison and I were invited to be part of the launch of the Dove Movement for Self Esteem, a new Dove initiative that focuses on self-esteem, reaching your full potential, feeling confident in your beauty and the power of mentors.

I had the most incredible day-for so many reasons, here are just a few:

1. I had the chance to spend “alone-time” with my eleven-year old daughter Madison (which any of you multi-tasking mom’s of 3 know is a feat in itself). I hadn’t ridden the subway since university (which was over a decade ago…or more). We rode the subway together downtown for the first time ever. It was Madison’s second time taking this mode of transportation and her curiosity and interest in all the sites, sounds and people made me grateful to be in her company.

2. We had the great privilege of meeting some pretty amazing women including two wonderful and inspiring women, Dove’s Ambassador Jess Weiner whose work parallels my own “Creating a nation of confident women and girls” and journalist and moderator Jennifer Hollett who was a muchmusic host and founder of YouthCARE. (humbling to be in their company indeed)

3. Madison had a chance to be surrounded by a lot of empowered and empowering young women from around the world…

Madison (in the middle in pink) surrounded by the 21 G20 Delegates

the 21 delegates from The Belinda Stronach Foundations Girls20 Summit. The girls were given the chance to share what they would tell their 13-year old selves if they were mentoring them. The majority of the 21 delegates talked about the importance of “believing in yourself and your dreams.” (to say I loved this confirmation of my own mission is an understatement).

4. Madison chose a couple of the delegates to do a short interview (from China, Africa and Turkey). She asked them if they knew an amazing woman. She also had the chance to interview the warm and loving Jess Weiner (who Maddie and I both adored) and the inspiring Jennifer Hollett (who extolled great advice about making a difference). It was like a dream come true to watch Madison interact with some of the delegates whom I had had the great honor of meeting and hearing speak the week before (you may recall a previous blogpost I wrote about the G20 Summit, where I sat the whole time wishing I had at least one of my daughter’s with me…careful what you wish for) J


Madison with her inspirational words and beautiful artwork at the Dove banner

Madison with her inspirational words and beautiful artwork at the Dove banner

Kim at the Dove banner

Kim at the Dove banner

Madison and I both had the chance to sign the original “Dove Movement” banner.

6. We enjoyed lunch together; some laughs and a great conversation about the entire experience on the subway ride home.

I could list many other reasons I enjoyed this mommy-daughter experience with Madison but I think the very best part of the day was riding home on the subway when I asked her how she felt about the day and the theme of “feeling good about yourself and believing in your dreams.”

She very calmly looked at me and said, “I think it’s all wonderful mom and it was so great to meet all those amazing girls and women. But I already believe I can do anything I want to do, so that part was just kind of cool that so many of those girls from around the world feel the same way I do.”

Mmmm….Mmmm…Mmmm! Need I say more?

Checkout the movement. Be a mentor. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that ONE person is YOU!

Inspired friend xo

Ps-the video interviews will be up as soon as I can figure out how to edit and upload my videos-I’ll be learning it next week.

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