The Key to Accomplishing Any Goal

I believe my daughter Madison is an AMAZING young girl.

She is 11-years-old and loves to dance. Every year she sets new goals for herself that she wants to achieve in dance . Then she takes action, every day, to accomplish her goals and she inevitably succeeds.

With the exception of ONE MOVE.

For the past year she has had her sights set on landing an aerial (a cartwheel with NO HANDS on the ground). This has been the most challenging goal to achieve.

My husband would take the mattress off her bed and drag it downstairs, clear a path in our dining room and spot her in her aerial. With my husbands powerful lift-she would fly through the air like a bird, but she could never quite master it on her own. Keep in mind, the idea of turning upside down, without your hands below to support you in case your head hits the ground…does take an enormous amount of mental preparation.

Last night at dance class she attempted this move again. I watched through a window as her coach gave her instructions on what she had to do. I couldn’t hear a word, but in her face, I could see her mind working to process all the directions. She sped down the mat, lifted her arms and….fell. She did this a couple of times, falling hard on her knee. I cringed each time she got up and slightly limped off the mat to wait at the back of the line, to try once more.

When her turn came again, she stood at the mat, preparing for her fifth attempt. Her head was slightly down, her eyebrows raised and her lip turned in. She nodded as she took in all the advice from her coach. She was so focused, I could almost hear the synapses in her brain connecting and processing all the information. When she was ready, she took off down the mat, leaped in the air, lifted her hands and…LANDED ON HER FEET!!!

My entire body was covered in GOOSEBUMPS! Every parent at the window cheered, her coach was delighted and all her fellow dancers clapped for her. It was an AMAZING moment to see the sense of PRIDE and ACCOMPLISHMENT in her smile.

When she came out of the class I HUGGED her hard and congratulated her on successfully achieving this LONG-TERM goal she had held for over a year-never giving up on TRYING. I asked her what she was thinking that made her land it THIS TIME. She said, “Just before I started to run I said I CAN DO THIS and the whole way down the mat I just kept saying to myself…STAND UP-STAND UP-STAND UP!”

I asked her what she thought BEFORE, when she wasn’t landed her aerial, and she said, “I’d think, I hope I don’t land on my knee again.”

There is the KEY to accomplishing ANY GOAL, choosing the right thought…the thought that will take you to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

Anything you desire can be yours with TRUST, FOCUS, DETERMINATION and Believing you CAN do it!

Whatever goal you may be reaching for, choose the thought that will TAKE YOU THERE…the thought that says I CAN DO THIS…and then BELIEVE in yourself…SEE YOURSELF DOING IT. You can truly do anything you set your mind to…you just have to point your mind in the right direction. So point away…and STAND UP for your GOALS!

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

In love and gratitude,

Inspired friend xo

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