Positive Fabulous Women

I think Katia Miller is amazing!

Katia Miller

When life gets difficult one of the best decisions we can make is to change our circumstances, surround ourselves with positive people and be fueled by inspiration.
That is just what Katia did when she created the popular Facebook women’s group Positive Fabulous Women, often referred to as PFW.

Growing up Katia didn’t have inspirational female role models that she looked up to, but she craved it. PFW fulfills her longing by providing a place where women can come together for 360 degrees of inspiration, supporting and encouraging each other in life, business and family. PFW offers monthly workshops and networking meetings as well as valuable friendships with like-minded women who are dedicated to living life to the fullest. Katia has become a well-loved and trusted friend to many, including me.

When I set out to recruit “dancers” for my flash mob, I was told by countless sources that my goal of 200 people was a bit too high. That it would be difficult to find that many people willing to give up seven-hours on a Saturday and a few more hours on a Sunday without getting paid. I asked for help from all my friends who had a network they would be willing to help me reach, including Katia.

For two straight days my email was bombarded with the subject line “Count me in for the flash mob-PFW.” Within a couple of days, I had surpassed my goal of 200 recruits. The final flash mob video features around 50 PFW members, the highest response of any network. That’s the power of trust. Katia’s members trust her immensely, so when she suggests something, not only do her members read it but they take action to respond. I am truly grateful for our friendship and support in all that we do. We share a common desire to dream big and help one another.

If you’re feeling defeated or aimless, wishing you had a good mentor, think of my friend Katia, and how one woman turned her life around by “being the change she wanted to see.” She took action to surround herself with positive energy, creating a place where she could grow in good company.

I know I am not alone when I say, “Thank You” to Katia for making our little part of the world a much better place.

Never forget one person can male a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love,

Inspired friend xo

I Believe She’s Amazing

2 thoughts on “Positive Fabulous Women

  1. I also want to acknowledge Katia for making such a difference in so many lives by creating such a wonderful opportunity for women to meet and connect. I’ve enjoyed attending several PFW events and look forward to attending more.

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