30 Days of Learning – Be Open to New Opportunities

In my attempt to expand my knowledge and grow (as well as to learn how to master this whole blogging experience and be more consistent with it) I have taken on a challenge from my dear friend Anastacia Brice at 30daysoflearning.com

First, you must know that I believe Anastacia is an AMAZING WOMAN!

Beautiful & inspiring Anastacia Brice

Anastacia joined the I Believe She’s Amazing journey rather early on. After watching the video and being extremely “moved” by it she sent me a beautiful email message. I learned that she happened to be the founder of the world of Virtual Assistance, having created AssistU She is also a professional coach, a writer, a community builder, the founder of the 30-Day Projects, a Salon host, and… so much more, because she loves to do fun, loving, and worthwhile things. She was on to building a new Internet delight…The Friendship Salon: 30 days to Deepening friendships. She posted the I Believe She’s Amazing video to her site and she invited me to do a fabulous interview by phone for her June installation of guests, called Inspiring Friendships and their ability to transform our lives.

My interview with Anastacia was booked for about a month. A day before the interview I got a special opportunity to bring my 11-yr-old daughter Madison with me to meet the 21 delegates from the G(irls) 20 for the launch of the Dove Movement – I have written so much about! I couldn’t pass up the chance to expose my daughter to such INSPIRATION so I decided to do BOTH! The launch went longer than scheduled (doesn’t that always happen when you have another commitment?), I had about 45 minutes to prepare and find a quiet spot to do the interview by phone. There was so much noise in the building as people milled about engaged in conversation. Madison and I couldn’t find a good location anywhere, not even outside, where lunch hour traffic in the area was bustling, and my 45 minutes had dissolved to just 5 minutes.


Madison and I went down the hall from where the launch had taken place, in search of a quiet room. All we could find (that was empty) was a large single bathroom, which just HAPPENED to have an extra wooden chair in it, positioned next to the toilet (divine intervention shows up in the smallest and most peculiar of ways). BINGO! This was our spot!

Madison looked at me for a moment with an expression of, “Oh please don’t let her be serious!”

I gave Madison the best seat in the room (the wooden chair beside the toilet), I put the toilet seat down and sat on top of it. For an hour, we hid in the quiet bathroom stall, with only one knock on the door, and a few whispers from Madison about how hungry and bored she was getting. Anastacia and I had a good laugh over it-as did Maddie and I, over lunch. It is a moment I will NEVER forget. One of those crazy mompreneur moments that only happen once (thank God for Madison), but leave a lasting memory.

The interview was wonderful, Anastacia was gracious and kind and I know we both felt a connection of deeper friendship brewing. When I got a Facebook message about this opportunity with the lovely and inspiring Anastacia I thought this is the right thing to do now. To push me beyond my comfort zone…to learn something new every day for 30 days of September. I will attempt to write a blog post about each new thing – each new day (now that’s a test in itself).

Join me and lots of other lifetime learners if you’re up for the challenge, and share what you learn in 30 days. You can find out all the juicy details at Anastacia’s site the link is 30daysoflearning.com

A big thanks to the AMAZING Anastacia for creating this idea and inviting me to stretch my thinking! The first thing I have learned today is to be open to new opportunities that may come your way, that can help you grow as a person and/or entrepreneur…like this challenge!

And so it is that day ONE of 30 days of learning begins! Speaking of ONE…Remember ONE person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love,

Inspired friend xo

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