Time Goes by Too Fast – Lesson #6

My house is filled with back to school chatter, getting new backpacks ready for the long haul of the school year, sharpening new pencils and laying out the first day’s clothes.

As I watch my little girl’s in their hustle and bustle – it strikes me that time goes by too fast!

It seems like just yesterday they were babies, cradled in my arms and now they are preparing for a new school year.

In my ongoing month of learning with 30daysoflearning I think the lesson today is to slow down and take time to ENJOY our children. They grow up much too fast.

Good luck to those of you taking your little ones off to school tomorrow, as you share in their excitement and nervousness as they prepare to embark on a new year of learning. And so it is that life keeps on changing…and changing us in the process.

I believe every mother who holds the hand of a scared young child setting off on their fist day of school, and offers them her strength and courage to face the challenge of change that lies ahead, is AMAZING! I applaud you…we are united in spirit and heart!

Remember one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love,

Inspired friend xo

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