Embrace Change – Lesson #7

WOW! This is seriously becoming a challenge to blog everyday! I have a new found respect for every successful blogger out in the blogosphere who does this on a regular basis – not just because they have committed to a 30daysoflearning challenge (like I have) but because they just do it naturally!

Sliding in under the 12th hour AGAIN because I fell asleep putting my daughters to bed (that’s nothing new really).

So, what have I learned today? To embrace change!

I took my children to their first day of school, my oldest started a new school, and although they had the regular combination of nervousness and excitement…the excitement ruled out. They were looking forward to going. When I brought them home for lunch they were even more excited! They chattered on about how great all their assignments were going to be, the after-school lessons offered and learning new stuff.


I’d say so!

What a great lesson in the art of embracing change!

Have you had to change something recently? How did you feel about it? Look at all the excitement the new opportunity can offer you and…EMBRACE IT! You’ll feel so good! Goodness knows my children did! Go with the flow…it’s the best way to experience the ride!

Remember one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Big love and oodles of hugs,

Inspired friend xo

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