Take an Unexpected Detour – Lesson #10

I had an unexpected turn of events today that became a lesson in my ongoing 30 days of learning experiment.

On my way to a meeting I drove past the cemetery where my parents lay at rest. I haven’t been there in a few years, I must confess. I speak to them everyday, from wherever I am so I don’t really think I need to be at their grave-site to be in communication.

Having said that…to be there, to see their names and the dates of their short lives etched in stone, filled me with emotion and a flood of memories. I knelt in front of the bench and ran my fingers along the heavy engraved last name BOURNE…my maiden name…memories of my childhood.

It felt like I was living a surreal moment, from a movie, as the blue background of the sky welcomed the passing of puffy white clouds above. I wept and prayed. I prayed to my parents, to God, to the heavens above and I thanked them all for the moment of silent reverie and reflection.

After 30 minutes, I felt an incredible sense of peace.

Say a prayer. Believe your voice is heard. There is a sense of calm that will wash over you. Be open to taking an unplanned detour in your day and you may discover that the most amazing moments and gifts await you. That little detour was just what I needed today.

Remember one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love in my heart and peace in my soul,

Inspired friend, forever loving daughter to Bonnie and Dave Bourne who first introduced me to the concept of what it means to “believe” xo xo
I Believe She’s Amazing

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