Give Your Time – Lesson #11

In the hustle and bustle of life we tend to over-schedule every second of our days.

Instead of trying to squeeze in an extra bit of work when I could and then feeling frustrated when I can’t get a particular project complete because of the multiple distractions I encounter, I decided today to drop everything and give my undivided attention and time to my family.

The gift of your time


A fabulous day (happy, happy, joy!)

Less stress (correction-NO stress)

No guilt (big surprise).

More connection with my hubby (lots of hand holding and hugging)

PURE gratitude, pride and pleasure watching my children at dance-the entire day. (tons of hugs, kisses, smiles, cuddles and “thumbs up” exchanged)

Day 11 of my 30 days of learning experiment is confirmation that quality time is a gift for everyone.

So give your time. A whole big chunk of it, without distraction, to the people around you that you love and who love you. No texting, no cell phone, no computer to distract you…just sweet, precious, undivided time and attention.

Relationships will bloom like flowers in Spring.

Remember one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love,

Inspired friend xo
I Believe She’s Amazing

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