The Power of One – Lesson #12

Today was a fabulously relaxing day. No schedules, no place to be, no demands. Lots of time for reflection.
I should have been born a mirror I love reflection so much. To me, it’s the most magnificent way to put things into perspective.

As I was reflecting today (for my 30 days of learning experiment) on things I’ve read or heard and learned from recently, it dawned on me how much power there is in ONE.

One book,
One word,
One gift,
One thought,
One idea,
One trip,
One song
One friend,
One meeting,
One person…
(and many more “One’s”)

Although our lives are a cumulative experience, it often takes one thing, at one particular moment in our lives to change the way we think, feel or behave. To inspire us in some new way to live differently. We could have heard or read the same thing many different times in our life, from various sources, delivered in a variety of ways…but when we experience that ONE moment it’s as if everything becomes clear and we just “get it” in a new way, something is unlocked.

I know there will be many more “ONE” things for me, in different areas in the coming years and I look forward to each and every magnificent ONE.

Have you experienced the power of “One” yet?

Remember one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Big love to all,

Inspired friend
I Believe She’s Amazing

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