Enjoy a Scoop of Ice Cream in the Middle of the Day…”Guilt Free” – Lesson #15

I experienced a life-changing moment in the middle of the day today which has led to lesson #15 in my 30 days of learning experiment.

I was with my three little girls picking up some parcels when another woman walked in to collect her parcels. We had never met before, but she had a lovely glow about her. We exchanged smiles and introductions along with a few words, and then her cell phone rang.

As I headed to the door to load up my car with boxes, I heard the woman on the phone say, as she sunk into a tall comfortable chair, “Yes I’m sitting down. What is it?”

When I came back inside to return the trolley, I saw the woman in tears, still talking on the phone from her seat. My children were standing around her, their innocent little faces showed concern and compassion.

We learned that her best friends’ brother Ted had died in a car accident today. He was a leading anaesthetist, a college professor and a father to three young children, he was a determined young man who overcame dyslexia to achieve his dreams.

It struck me as surreal to watch this revelation unfold before us. Ted was someone’s father, someone’s husband, someone’s professor, someone’s brother… and now in the middle of my rather mundane task, in another part of the world, our lives intersected for a moment and I cared about this stranger, his wife and children, his sister and her friend who sat in front of us in tears.

After consoling the woman on the phone and sharing a brief chat, my girls and I were on our way home.

My eldest daughter Maddie said, “That was such a freaky experience mom. We literally watched that woman’s face transform in front of us from happy and smiling to full tears and great sadness.”

Maddie had been wanting to try out a new ice cream store for weeks and asked if I could take a different route home to swing by the store. The initial response in my head was NO. The kids all had homework to finish, and lessons tonight and I had to make dinner. And then I thought about Ted and Ted’s kids and I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if the only problem they had was ice cream in the middle of the week for no apparent reason, but instead, their lives were changed forever.

I bought each of my daughters’ a cup of the ice cream they had looked forward to trying…because I could…because we are here today and can take part in this simple joy of living by eating our favorite ice cream. I asked my girl’s to think of Ted and to say a prayer for him and his family and friends.

So…enjoy a scoop of Ice Cream in the middle of the day without the associated guilt of worrying about calories or fat intake or how much you’ll have to exercise to get rid of the calories, just enjoy it because you are alive and you can! And when you do, think of this story, think of the wonderful “Ted” a stranger to all of us whose life is a lesson of determination and perseverance and living each day to the fullest.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference in the world…that ONE person is YOU!

With love and appreciation for the simple pleasures of life,

Inspired friend
Founder, I Believe She’s Amazing

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