Discover the Beauty Around You – Lesson #19

Today, I discovered more beauty around me on day 19 of my 30 days of learning experiment. My husband, our children and I set out on a journey to see what we could find in the local fields, forests and rivers.

Walking along the water’s edge, hopping over pebbles, we found fossilized rocks, trees growing out of the side of a cliff, fungus growing on the sunny side of slate rocks and yellow-fall colored leaves floating down the river.

My children found a baby grasshopper that they gently played with and carried around, observing it has it hopped from their hand, to the ground and a local picnic bench. They were completely immersed in their discovery, recognizing butterflies and dragonflies going by at the same time.

We then headed into the forest to explore spider webs, spiders, beatles, dried leaves and a multitude of trees.

We pedaled our bikes over to a local pond where we saw crickets, a falcon and a Great Blue Heron fly over head as my children shouted out, “That was AWESOME!!!”

Besides the brilliance of nature that we discovered just 5 minute from our backyard, was the precious beauty of being with my family. I had the privilege of observing my husband as his little boy curiosity led my children to look at things around them differently. To watch my children in utter joy, awe and appreciation for what they discovered was a priceless image I shall carry with me forever in my heart.

There is beauty to discover everywhere around us when we open our eyes and shift our focus to the small, but incredibly significant things in life.

Today I give thanks for the beauty that I observed all around me.

Never forget the power of one person to make a difference in the world…that one person is YOU!

With love and appreciation,

Inspired friend xo
Founder, I Believe She’s Amazing

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