Choose happiness – Lesson # 20

Today’s lesson came to me early this morning when I received my DELIVERING HAPPYNESS newsletter.

So it seems only fitting that day #20 of my 30 days of learning posts should be about this very topic…happiness.

What makes us happy? Passion? Is it a gene we’re born with or is it a choice we make?

I believe that happiness is a choice.

Every morning I wake up I choose to feel happy. I choose to sing and smile and enjoy my children. I choose to look for and to find joy in the world…and I find it every time!

What makes you happy?

Enjoy this video by two of my very favorite entrepreneurs. These are two people who, have both inspired me, and whom I would love to meet one day – Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos – author of Delivering Happyness and founder of the Happyness Movement( and Seth Godin (Marketing genius and author of many awesome books including TRIBES which inspired me to create my movement I Believe She’s Amazing)

Never forget one person can make a difference in the world…that one person is YOU!

Big love along with happy thoughts,

Inspired friend xo

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