Find Beauty in Yourself – Lesson #24

I had the most incredible experience at the bank today. Simple, yet profound.

The young female bank teller and I got chatting. She was lovely and beautiful but she kept putting herself down, saying she felt she was going to be fat cause everyone in her family was fat. She told me stories of when she was a young girl in high school and she went on a carrot diet, a time when she would skip breakfast and lunch and only eat a little bit for dinner.

I found this girl to be so beautiful, it was shocking to hear her speak of herself this way, and at the same time, I felt honored that she was sharing a little bit of her life’s experiences with me.

I couldn’t help but think how many other women I have heard speak the same. Such beauty unrecognized. Beauty is not defined by how much we weigh, beauty is defined by so many other more relevant attributes. I told her I thought she was amazing…truly amazing.

She smiled a glowing, brilliant smile that lit up her face.

The 24th lesson in this 30 days of learning is this…look at yourself in the mirror and smile without criticism. STOP the negative pattern of self-judgment and condemnation. Find beauty in yourself…you are beautiful, you are worthy, you are truly AMAZING! Believe it…it IS the TRUTH.

And while you’re looking at yourself and rediscovering your own beauty, find something beautiful and amazing in someone else and tell them how you feel. It will make your day and hers.

Never forget one person can make a difference in the world….that one person is YOU!

With love,

Inspired friend xo
Founder, I Believe She’s Amazing

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