We Learn From Our Mistakes – Lesson #25

This is day #25 of my 30 days of learning and I was just inspired by my daughter to write about today’s lesson.

We learn from our mistakes.

There have been countless times that I have said or done something and then felt upset that I did, because I realized it was not the best or smartest choice.

If this happens to you what do you do? Choose guilt, shame, or reflection.

Refection is the most powerful choice because it allows us to review what we have said or done without being too hard on ourselves. Only in looking at it from a clear perspective are we able to evaluate what we did and learn from it so we never have to make that same mistake again.

All the mistakes I have made have provided me with the greatest lessons in my life and the best opportunity to grow and learn. This is key to changing behaviors, that somehow reveal our “less than best” selves, because they provide us with a glimpse of what we’d rather be or do.

So let’s all agree to give ourselves, and others, room for error before judging, condemning or labeling anyone who makes a mistake with possessing some character trait that is, in all likelihood, unflattering, negative and untrue.

Remember, we are all human and we actually do learn from our mistakes, we can change. That’s part of the magic and mystery of humanity and the beauty of personal development and growth.

Never forget one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love and in reflection,

Inspired friend xo
Founder, I Believe She’s Amazing

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