Embrace Change – Lesson #27

My father had many sayings he would use in our discussions, his teachings and life lessons, One that has stuck with me , and one that I have heard many times over, is, “The most constant thing in life is change.”

I suppose it has really stuck with me because it has proven to be so very true.

Change is probably never more clear than at this time of year – FALL. The leaves are changing from green, to yellow, then orange and red. This stunningly brilliant visual transformation takes place right before our eyes. We don’t challenge it, or try to stop it, we accept it as part of nature.

All aspects of life are always changing-our relationships with our spouses, our children, our bodies even our perspective and the way we look at life is constantly changing.

The only time we feel pain from change is when we resist it too much. So lesson #27 in my 30 days of learning is to embrace change. To go with the flow of it in order to find peace with it.

It is all around us, but it is how we choose to perceive it, that dictates how it truly affects us – for better or for worse. I choose to embrace it “for better.”

Never forget that one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love,

Inspired friend xo
Founder, I Believe She’s Amazing

2 thoughts on “Embrace Change – Lesson #27

  1. Wow Kim, what a timely message! I was sitting here after being upset, thinking about getting my test results tomorrow at the doctors. Good or not so good, they’ll be what they’ll be, and it will be up to me to choose to deal with it positively. THANK YOU for the reminder that changes are a part of life, and we are fortunate to be able to choose how we respond to them. I love you my friend and will talk to you soon. XO Val

    • Hello my dear fiend!
      Funny I should hear from you tonight I was thinking about you right after I posted this.
      Good luck tomorrow – please let me know how it goes.
      AND REMEMBER that YOU ARE in CONTROL – you can choose to do with the information whatever you like.
      If my 11 year old daughter can visualize a 91% test result (after a series of 67-72%) than anything really is possible.
      I Love you right back Val and I am always here for you!!!
      Great big love to you,
      Kim xoxoxoxo

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