Instead of “I Can’t,” try “I CAN” – Lesson #29

Lesson #29 in my 30 days of learning experiment goes like this, instead of saying I can’t,try “I CAN!” (With exclamations like that!!!!!!! Say it and think it with CONVICTION!!!)

I have written about this before but it really hit home with me again today as I reflected on some of my own personal challenges.

It is the single belief that guided explorers through the seas,
launched astronauts into space,
led aviators to fly,
and scientists to discover the human genome.
It is the belief every human child is born with that enables them to let go of the couch, a table and a mother’s finger…to take those first scary steps alone.
Oh the wonder of impossible dreams made possible with the power of belief and two simple words…”I CAN!”

Never forget one person can make a difference in the world….that one person is YOU!

With love love love (so much love tonight),

Inspired friend xo
Founder, “I Believe She’s Amazing”

2 thoughts on “Instead of “I Can’t,” try “I CAN” – Lesson #29

  1. Valerie – YOU are a truly AMAZING and remarkable person – I LOVE you with all my heart! Thank you for all your support! How did your appointment go? What were your test results? I’ll call you tonight to catch up. Big love to you, Kim xoxoxoxoxox

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