LOVE is all you need – Lesson #30

I can’t believe I made it through my 30 days of learning experience.

It has been challenging to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY. It has given me a great new respect for the people doing it…and doing it well! It has also provided me with a new way of going through my day, on the lookout for life lessons. I am sure there were some that would have passed me by, had I not taken on this assignment – so thank you Anastacia Brice for creating this opportunity.

Today’s lesson was the easiest to come up with…like the Beatles said, LOVE is all you need.

It’s my 16th wedding anniversary today. Though there have been a few deep dips along the way, I can say that LOVE is the main thing that has gotten us through some very dark and challenging times.

Love is not what we read about in fairy tales with prince’s in white riding in on a horse to sweep up the fair maiden. Love may start off feeling like a fairytale but the nitty gritty, the nuts and bolts of it all, nobody really seems to talk about. Like the way love evolves in to something much deeper and more meaningful when you are able to work through the tough times and come out stronger and more united for it.

Love isn’t just about dressing up for a night out with your husband, it’s also about feeling beautiful in your sweat pants, with your hair tied up in a bun and a mud mask on your face. Love is about seeing the fragile, human, vulnerable sides of one another and accepting each other for those flaws even still.

Love is about forgiveness and understanding. It is about letting go of the little things that don’t really matter and holding fast to the important things that you can build on. Love is about sharing and caring and focusing on the “positive” rather than looking for the “negative.”

Every night before we go to bed, my husband makes us toast and peanut butter. I am usually at work on my computer, having put the kids to bed. He delivers me a single piece of toast on a small round plate. On each piece of toast he carves out a different word or a shape that has some meaning on it, into the peanut butter. Last night was a heart with little dots inside. He said, “Those are the seeds of our love.” This small but deeply meaningful gesture is what love is really all about…the thoughtful little things that matter most…the things that put a smile on my face and a skip in my heart. (Tonight’s toast read “Happy Anniv”)

If you are in love, look for the little things to appreciate in your partner, they are the things you would miss most if they were gone. Then don’t keep them to yourself, say thank you to him. A little bit of praise goes a very long way. If you are in love, don’t compare yourself to movies, magazines or Cosmo articles or you’ll never give TRUE love a real chance. Value each other for who you are.

When we renewed our vows a few years ago, the minister said something that really stuck with me, he said, “People get married thinking it’s a 50/50 partnership, when you have to go into it thinking about it as 90/10. If BOTH of you give 90% without expecting anything in return, you’ll never be disappointed.”

Remember love is all you need…it truly is the one emotion that has the magic to heal anything!

With much love for all my love,

Inspired friend xo
Founder, “I Believe She’s Amazing

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