83rd Academy Awards – Oscar Winning Perfomance

I just finished watching the 83rd Academy Awards. I have loved Oscar night since childhood. The glamour, the celebrities, the entertaining films and the notion that, for many actors, their lifetime dreams become a reality in a single moment of time-all blend together to create a spectacular spirit of awe and wonder that draws an audience of over a billion people around the world.

But what is it that reels us in?

Is it the stories told through different perspectives that help us to escape, to see ourselves, to make us cry and laugh, to stir our soul?

Is it the characters at the heart of every award-winning performance who remind us of the qualities of humanity we all share?

This years’ best picture nominees were character driven films that help us see ourselves. Whether its Black Swan, The Fighter, The Social Network, The Kids Are All Right or 127 Hours these films are based on people, real or imagined, in whom we see the struggles and triumphs of being human.

Perhaps no movie this year better demonstrates the vulnerabilities that plague us, the doubt we sometimes feel about our destiny and purpose in life, and the unwavering ability we all possess to overcome any adversity life throws our way when we believe in the power of our voice, than the award-winning King’s Speech, played to perfection by Colin Firth.

Oscar night reminds me we are all living lives rich with feeling and emotion that deliver real-life steep character arcs, that in the end form the basis for all film. We are, all at once, the lead actor, screenwriter, director and producer of our own stories. It is these stories we are writing every day, in every corner of the world, that create our own award-winning moments in life.

While we don’t receive statues for embodying our characters with passion and conviction, delivered to us on a stage, broadcast to a billion people, we must remember to celebrate our own quiet victories for the starring role we play. Think for a moment who you would thank in your acceptance speech…who helped you become the person you are, who believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself and take the time to thank those people today.

No matter what stage we are standing on at any given moment, who we are, or what our occupation is, we have the ability to make a difference in the world…never forget that.

With love and gratitude,

Inspired friend xo
Founder of the global grassroots movement “I Believe She’s Amazing”
Watch the video and join the movement

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