I have your back!

As we were getting ready for bed last night I heard one of my twin daughters say to the other, as she was about to close her eyes and wash her face over the sink, “Ava, put your hand on my back please.”

To which my other twin, without a moments hesitation, walked over and put her hand on Elle’s shoulder as she washed her face. This was the first time I had heard and seen this and it stopped me in my tracks to ask what it was all about.

“When we close our eyes to wash our face at night, we get scared, so every night we take turns putting our hands on each others back so we know someone is there watching out for us.”

I smiled at both of my girls and gave them a little hug and as I went off to bed. I couldn’t help but think about what a deep and meaningful gesture this little moment I witnessed was. Many people spend a lifetime looking for “that person” who will always “Have your Back” and here are these two special girls, who are that for each other.

Ava and Elle MacGregor, I Believe She's Amazing

This is more than a “twin-thing” or a “sister-thing” it’s a “CHARACTER-thing.” I am sure that over the course of their lives, they will be that for many more people: friends, partners and children. May we all find that person we can count on to have our back in a moment of need, may we all RECOGNIZE and express our gratitude when we DO FIND that person, and may we BE that for many people in many different situations over the course of our lives.

Life’s beautiful little moments leave me in a state of awe for love and for humanity.

Ever so grateful for the many amazing people I have been able to count on over the years.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend, proud momma

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