Spread your wings and soar!

There is ONE thing that is more debilitating, crippling and growth-stunting than just about anything. It prevents people from TRYING new things & STOPS them once they have started. It makes them lose sleep, miss opportunities and remain stuck. The craziest thing about it – is that is isn’t based on anything REAL – it’s rooted in the INVISIBLE, in the down side of “what if,” in the negative voices that take up space in our minds convincing us we can’t…we shouldn’t…why bother. Sometimes it comes from us, sometimes it infiltrates our hearts through the words of a partner or friend casting a shadow of doubt. But like a shadow it isn’t tangible – you can’t touch it – and it doesn’t truly exist once we turn on our own light.

What is it you ask?


While fear is something we all face in moments of decision and change, it is only once we PUSH THROUGH IT that we are transformed. What awaits on the other side of FEAR is FREEDOM! Freedom to venture into the unknown, FREEDOM to discover aspects of ourselves we would otherwise never realize, FREEDOM to try new things…FREEDOM to live…to truly LIVE. Imagine if the caterpillar remained safely wrapped in her cocoon for fear of how challenging her first flight would be? For the countless times I have faced my fears and DECIDED to try it anyway (despite a sick stomach) I AM GRATEFUL…those were the most exciting chapters of my life story…the moments when life changed forever.

The other day my 15yr old was ready to launch her first blog. While it was something she had planned and prepared for and talked about, when the time finally came to launch her first post, FEAR crept in. What if no one likes it? What if I sound foolish? What if it’s not that great? 

“Remember all the reasons you wanted to do this and remember that the only way to find out is to TRY!” I reminded her (as I have so often had to remind myself).

After about 45 min with her finger hovering over the “PUBLISH” button, her cheeks flushed, her heart racing, she held her breath…and pressed the button. Within minutes you could see relief that she had BEGUN and by the following day her creativity was renewed, she wrote a new post, and is eager and ready to post again next week. Fear is like that bully in class, who when you stood up to them, they backed down, and got quiet.

I felt so incredibly proud of her in that moment.Those are the minutes that define us-when we take that leap, venture into the unknown and test what we are made of. Better we try and try and try again than to give in to the dark voice that lulls us into a false sense of security and keeps us STUCK in status quo. 

Let this be a challenge to us all to try something new this year…to face our fears and do it anyway…to discover some new side of ourselves we never knew existed…to spread our wings and soar. 

spread your wings and soar

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference… that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend, proud momma

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