Oh the JOYS of getting older

This weekend my on-again, off-again hot flashes kicked in to full gear…AGAIN. At the hair dresser…under foil…getting my highlights done…while drinking a cup of hot tea!
My face and neck turned cherry-red as the wave of heat came over me. I opened the robe that protected my hair from my clothes and put my tea down. The young hair dresser asked if I was okay and when I told her what was happening, she jokingly commented, “Oh the joys of getting older.”
This made me stop and think. 
Maybe because it was ONE day after, what should have been my friend Erika Heller’s 39th birthday, but she only made it to 31. Maybe it’s because my dear friend Rhonda is the same age my mother was when she passed away at 53 and I realize, just how young that is.
And in that moment I replied, “You know what, I will take it all. The aging, the hot flashes all of it because aging is a JOY and a privilege.”
We live in this YOUTH obsessed world and we fear aging, but truly what is it we fear so much? The GIFT of getting our life RIGHT? The GIFT of WISDOM? The GIFT of getting more time with our loved ones? The GIFT of watching our children AGE and grow? The GIFT of aging well and graciously? The GIFT of more time to LOVE, FORGIVE, UNDERSTAND? The GIFT of more time to HELP others as we develop consciously? The GIFT of seeing our DREAMS come alive?
Aging IS a privilege…a GIFT…and a JOY!
Kim MacGregor Living Life By Design I Believe She's Amazing
Despite the hot flashes (and many other changes that come with being 47), it’s what’s going on inside that really matters. And I can tell you inside, I have a great sense of appreciation for every single day I have. In fact, although I am older than I have ever been (LOL)…I am happier, I feel better and more at peace with everything in my life. I am surrounded by amazing women, who are vibrant, awesome and changing the world for themselves and others. Perhaps this is the new story we should be sharing.
So the next time you think, “Oh the joys of getting older” (with a sarcastic undertone) – flip it to “Oh the JOYS of getting older!” (with an undertone of gratitude).
At the end of the day, it beats the alternative by a landslide.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Never stop believing one person can make a difference… that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Grateful Heart, Proud mom, Inspired friend, Heart-centred-entrepreneur

#FortyIsTheNew20 #FiftyIsTheNew20 #AgingIsAGift

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