I KNOW I KNOW this is a totally random day to begin a “30-days of gratitude” challenge but I actually LOVE starting things in the middle of a month to prove to myself that you don’t EVER have to WAIT – for the right day, time, lighting, approval or anything else to start something NEW!

This is also a GREAT way for me to STOP thinking about RE-starting my blog (AGAIN!) and JUST DO IT (Good Lordy – Nike was really on to something with that slogan weren’t they?!)

So…with that…here we go!!!

Today I am extremely grateful for my beautiful view from my new office in my basement. This view makes me so happy. So does my office actually (that could be bordering on using TWO gratitude’s in ONE day but I am going with it!) Kim MacGregor Entrepreneur office view

When I was writing books and running my publishing business, I worked out of my bedroom (not super inspiring!). After I started my health and wellness business, I would work at the dining room table. That was a DISASTER! Messy – papers everywhere and disruptive when we went to eat dinner as a family (which never happened because of the clutter). I also had no concept of STOPPING work because my work/life space was all mixed up in one.

Two months ago I ran the idea of an office space in the basement, by my hubby. I told him what I was thinking of.  We have a walk-out basement which is all above ground – lovely views and great big windows with lots of light. Being the handy-man he is, and super supportive of my business, we were at Ikea the very next day and everything was in motion. Within 4 weeks, my office was ready. BETTER than I even mapped out in my mind. (Praise to my husband for his speedy, handy work and his parents who helped out too – love them all!)


I have my multiple clocks to represent all the time zones of my growing online-International business, my little bench across from my desk (that my hubby and kids visit frequently), my product set up for easy reference and my beautiful backdrop of the “tree of life” (which totally inspires me!).

Is it any wonder I am so grateful! I feel like such a “boss-babe” with my own designated working space! I highly recommend it for anyone out there running your business from your home! It’s been a game-changer!

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Live your most amazing life by design

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo



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