DAY 5 of 30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – Celebrate!


Don’t you just love celebrating things….holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, births and so much more.

We are in FULL-SWING with graduations as the school year wraps up!

With our eldest daughter graduating from high school and our twins finishing up their first year of high school, there has been MUCH to celebrate the past few weeks.

Last night we took the girls out for dinner at a restaurant my hubby and I used to go on to in the early days of our marriage (22 years ago – YIKES – and it’s STILL there!). We wanted to celebrate how amazing the girls did this school year working hard and having fun, to achieve great things.

It was an awesome night of conversation, feasting and loads of laughter. I couldn’t help but feel an incredible sense of gratitude for the moment. The togetherness. The joy.

The girls all thanked us so much (even though it was supposed to be us thanking them). On our post-feasting walk we came upon a celebration in a nearby park of the opening of a new dog-fountain. Our celebration just kept expanding as we watched the dogs at the park, who clearly had no idea there was a celebration underway, in pure joy, celebrating life, as dogs do so well!!!

Although we had a great reason to celebrate, we don’t JUST wait for specific occasions and we don’t always go to a restaurant sometimes it’s just an ice cream, or baking cookies or a walk to the beach that we use as our way to celebrate. We regularly make a point of making time to be together and celebrate little things, small wins and sometimes… just to celebrate nothing at all but each other.

Life is meant to be ENJOYED with one another! So if you haven’t been out and celebrated SOMETHING in a long while…DO NOT wait for a special occasion. Get out there and celebrate! The memories you create will last a lifetime!

Celebration is a beautiful form of gratitude!

What are YOU grateful for today?

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Live your most amazing life by design.

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo

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