DAY 8 of 30 DAYS OF GRATITUDE – Wonder Woman!

Yesterday my hubby came up with the BRILLIANT idea for dinner and a movie with our girls (he is the KING of great surprise adventures). Not just ANY movie – but the new WONDER WOMAN flick! (Well done Mister!)

As a man who lives with 4 women, THIS was a “Wonder”-ful idea!

Our girls were really looking forward to seeing the movie (having watched the trailer many times over!). I know a lot of people who have watched it and raved about how awesome and empowering it was! There have been countless articles written about the female-empowerment aspect of an action movie starring a woman!!! (insert eye roll, can’t believe we are STILL talking about “boy vs girl” movies in 2017, alas we are!)

I have to say, it is one of the best action movies I have watched in a very long time!!!

WHY am I feeling grateful for an action movie you might be asking???

ANSWER: Because it was just dang GOOD entertainment, combined with a fabulous lesson about love, empowerment and working together! Kudos to DC for getting it RIGHT!!!

It was so interesting to hear my girls’ take on the film in the car on the way home last night after the movie, and again this morning over breakfast (they are all lit up about it and totally INSPIRED!).

Check out this short video interview with my girls to hear how this movie was different for them.

I love that the takeaway for them was the power of “people,” meaning BOTH men and women, working together through shared values, to accomplish something. That there was no, “girl-is-better-than-boy” or “boy-is-better-than-girl” notions!!! When the world is made up of half women and half men, it serves EVERYONE to be treated EQUALLY and to work together to make the world a better place to create MUTUAL respect for one another. WHEN ONE succeeds, we ALL succeed – regardless of our gender!

So YES, indeed I AM very grateful for the movie WONDER WOMAN that DID ultimately INSPIRE and empower my girls and I in the very best ways imaginable.

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet?

What movie has INSPIRED or EMPOWERED you, or made you feel grateful for the time you took to watch it?

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Decide that you are going to live your most amazing life by design.

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo

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