Day 23 of 30 days of gratitude…my brother!

My baby brother, who is of course taller than me, arrived in Toronto last night for a visit from his home in Los Angeles. I picked him up at the airport and gave him a great big squeeze! Thanks to FaceTime – I have “seen” him a lot but I haven’t had him next to me to chat and hug and walk together so we are squeezing in as much of that as we can.

My brother and I were super-close as youngsters and bonded over everything from play-dough and cars to skateboarding and board games. Now our connection is much deeper, he is the BEST uncle to my 3 girls and an incredible go-to-guy for any challenge I face.

I am beyond grateful that my amazing brother has come to town to visit and share his love and light with us!!! Had lunch today at Marche and we are back together again on Friday morning and Saturday before he leaves to go back home!!! My hear is HAPPY!

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Decide that you are going to live your most amazing life by design.

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo

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pps – please share this blog with someone you think needs to hear this message xo

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