Countdown to the big 50…

Hello there!

Wow it has been a long while since I have written here.

I have attempted to make a comeback a few times over and can’t make any excuses for what happened other than a clear lack of “Consistency.” Man oh man have I done a lot of living, learning and growing over the past several years….well now I am BACK with more to share than ever before!

Maybe it’s age and the wisdom that comes with that…I am 18 days away-and counting- from turning 50 and I have a new perspective on life and what it means to me to grow older.      


Picture by the amazing Helen Tansey

Maybe it’s the ongoing journey of self-actualization that I am on…and how getting to know yourself and challenge yourself to BE YOUR BEST NO EXCUSES really is like cracking a code on the other things we long for.

Maybe it’s my focus on what matters most, in my heart and in my soul…. my marriage that I have worked hard on, through many storms, to create bliss…my children and the recognition that in order to leave my next generation stronger and more equipped for life – I have to work on myself so I can model it for them and walk my talk.

Maybe it’s the success of my digital business…a success that came as a result of hard work and years of dedication but that is far greater than anything in my career, corporate or entrepreneurial, that I have ever experienced before.

Maybe it’s my passion to empower others, especially women, to see how they can truly HAVE IT ALL, but that it WILL look totally different than you thought, than you studied for, or even than society told you it would be.

Weekly, I will be sharing bits and pieces of my journey from trials and challenges to profound joy and “success” measured in a variety of ways, not just the typical ones but all the markers that make for a truly GOOD LIFE.

So stay tuned…get ready to learn and go on the adventure of a LIFETIME together as I continue to grow, expand and share the joy of life through…relationships, parenthood, healthy living and entrepreneurship amongst ohhh so many other things.

Let’s do this!!!

Always remember one person can make a difference…that one person is you.

With much love always,

Kim xo

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