Embrace Aging…it’s not as bad as you think!

So it happened!


I turned 50!


Actually, I have to laugh at myself because I have been talking about it so much for the past 6 months that when “the day” FINALLY arrived it was all rather uneventful. My brother called from LA and asked if I felt different, and I replied that I didn’t. And I still don’t.

Aging, like so many things, is a matter of mindset.

If I feel old….I will most certainly see myself as old and I will bet you that if I see myself as old, others will see me in that light too.

The truth is LIFE, VITALITY, ENERGY, JOY is timeless. It defies age – really and truly – defies age. I don’t mean to assume that you are going to look exactly the same at 50 that you did at 20, that would be unreasonable to expect and I actually don’t want to look the same. Nothing about me is the same…I’ve grown so much as a person! BUT I DO BELIEVE that you can be more radiant, more glowing and certainly feel better from the inside – out. Particularly if you make a commitment to look after yourself. To work on your relationships, to work on your mind, to be healthier, to take better care of YOU…mentally, physically and emotionally! To lead your life with a greater sense of meaning than ever before…because I do believe that meaning gives your life more beauty and depth and purpose.

So this whole 50 -thing – this aging thing…I am really rather liking it. I am grateful to be ALIVE and to be healthy and to be getting healthier every day and every year. My beautiful mother-in-law who is about to turn 80 (but actually looks like she’s in her early 60’s) told me that she liked her 50’s but that her 60’s and 70’s have been her favourite decades so far. Isn’t that awesome to hear! I could see how that could happen too.

I have found this magical elixir to life that oddly, has come to me partially from the brand I represent, Arbonne. It sounds so silly to say, but what we put on our skin impacts our health. What we put in our GUT (which is our second brain) affects our health…our clarity of mind, focus, brain-fog, bloating, inflammation, our skin. If you think you can keep living on coffee and bagels and cheat yourself to a healthier body you’re sadly kidding yourself. Luckily I clued in to that at 42 …but at ANY age you can make changes that will buy back YEARS of health and literally help to turn back the hands of time.


If you have decided that 2019 is going to be YOUR year (regardless of your age) and you are ready for a healthy nutrition reboot (we have an AMAZING 30 day reboot nutrition program that is my SECRET weapon – I am on now and LOVING the energy, reduced inflammation and bloating and glowing skin), or to chart a NEW more meaningful path, to stretch out of your comfort zone and start an online business…wherever you are at, whatever you are looking for to make this year BETTER…I would love to have a conversation with you and see how I can serve you on your journey. You never know what magic you can create until you try NEW THINGS!

I wish you health, love and adventure this month…this year…and for all the days of your life. YOU deserve to live your most amazing life!

Always remember one person can make a difference…that one person is you.

With much love always,

Kim xo

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