How I got out of the 9-5 GRIND

When I was a young girl in university I had these grand illusions of what it would be like to work with a big company, have my own office, have business cards to give out and sit in “important” meetings discussing work and creative ideas with motivated people I was learning from daily. I imagined how inspiring it would be to earn a big paycheck and all the things I could do with that; like travel, buy nice things like towels (I always wanted nice towels for some reason), drive a nice car, live in a nice home, have a great family…you know…the DREAM LIFE.

And then I did it. I worked with some of the largest companies like Walmart, Amazon, Disney and Alliance Films, amongst countless others (many of which are actually out of business today). While working with these companies was rewarding for a time, I quickly realized it wasn’t EVER going be ENOUGH to satisfy my internal feeling of being on PURPOSE, of making a DIFFERENCE in the world or of having more time FREEDOM and CONTROL and OWNERSHIP of my own life, to actually do all the things I dreamed of doing.

I also realized that the growth curve to get ahead and earn the kind of income I dreamed of through the corporate channel was long, drawn out and actually left me with VERY LITTLE time for my family and ZERO ownership in my life. I had anywhere from 11 days to 15 days holiday in corporate. And I took the jobs anyway because that was all I knew, all I saw around me.

While I was ALWAYS dreaming up ideas to make money “on the side” and tried countless things including, creating TV shows that I tried to pitch, writing books, doing consulting work, life coaching…nothing provided me with the FINANCIAL solution I had been looking for, at the global scale with the massive reach I dreamt of.

Fast forward to 2010, I was back in the corporate grind, surrounded by very Uninspiring people, many of whom spent most of their day BITCHING and COMPLAINING about how much they hated their job or how frustrated they were and I wasn’t learning ANYTHING new from any of them that was helping me grow as a person…other than that I DID NOT want to be LIKE THEM and waste my time complaining about what I hated about my life but remain STUCK and doing NOTHING to change my circumstances.

I started thinking there has got to be a BETTER way to make a living and earn money and feel good and have time freedom and create the “Life by design” I had always dreamed of. The harsh reality after over 25 years in corporate was that corporate was NEVER going to give me what I was looking for TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

So I began praying for a SIGN (isn’t that what EVERYONE does when they feel like they are at the end of their rope?).

Have you ever been there? Just wishing something or someone would show up with a magic solution to all your problems and all your desires. I frantically searched online watching Youtube videos on “how to manifest your greatest life,” on anything I could do online but most things seemed too hard to learn and a bit sketchy. I worked on trying to shift my mindset. It was hard and frustrating. With our children all in the VERY COSTLY sport of competitive dance, our costs were mounting and we never seemed to be able to get ahead of all our payments. My husband and I were both working hard, getting paid well, but STILL all our money was SPENT before it even hit the bank account.

I was so stressed out about bills, I felt so OFF track with work and extremely unfulfilled and EMPTY that I even developed HIVES on my elbows and waist from stress (STRESS is NOT good for your health…and it will do a number on your body!).

I believe in divine intervention…that our thoughts and our prayers are heard.

At that moment, a contact on Facebook whom I did not know, but who occasionally “Liked and commented” on my posts reached out to me and invited me to hear about a “business opportunity.” This is where my spidey-senses were BOTH piqued and sceptical all at the same time. I was curious, to learn more about other options to creating change and somehow creating a PLAN B that could allow me to get out of my full-time job, without interrupting my full time job.

I will tell you this…the answer to my prayers came in an entirely DIFFERENT package than I had imagined…to be honest…an entirely DIFFERENT package than I had ever even been OPEN TO. But I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of my daily grind, my lack of time, my desire for more money and MORE purpose and MORE ownership and MORE wealth and MORE inspiration and MORE MEANING and MORE positive people I could learn from and grow with. Being OPEN to NEW ideas…to NEW opportunities is the best gift you can give yourself because, as I have learned, nothing NEW or GREAT or life-changing comes from within the confines of your comfort zone.

That openness and desire for more led me to a meeting where I heard, for the first time ever, about an online health and wellness business in the social marketing space, that I could start part-time (8-10 hours a week) alongside my full time job and that with consistent effort and vision, I COULD replace my full time income, just by switching my brand and using better safer products – products I was ALREADY using from a couple of dozen different store bought brands. AND AND AND AND I could build this business GLOBALLY on my laptop or cell phone with a wifi connection and the courage to share this with other people, who may be feeling that sense of “quiet desperation” reaching for their THING, their way to belong and feel meaning (just like I WAS feeling).



I started my own side hustle, part time, in the form on an online franchise with a mega-established brand (almost 40 years old now), in the fastest growing industry, health and wellness and beauty. I plugged in and followed a simple system, LEARNING new concepts of business I had NEVER understood or had knowledge of from my 4 years in university OR from over 25 years in corporate. I was learning new concepts, from successful-ordinary people who had done what I was setting out to do and who were teaching ME to do the same.  I started CRUSHING limiting beliefs about what I was capable of, what my life could ACTUALLY FOR REAL look like IF I got off the hamster wheel of working for someone else, and EXACTLY HOW to, not only have dreams and visions, but to MANIFEST and LIVE them out! The important thing to know is I STARTED afraid and not knowing how it was all going to come together, but TRUSTING I would learn and IT WOULD HAPPEN with consistency and FOCUS on my end goals!!!

All of what I dreamed of AND MORE has come to pass! My next level of dreams is set. I LOVE that I get to LOCK arms with people all over the world, who like me, have drive, ambition and a desire for MORE but no IDEA how that looks or how to create it!

OPPORTUNITIES don’t always arrive in the shape you think they will – but they can offer the GREATEST gift of change if you just take a little leap of faith, step out on the skinny branch and JUMP IN!!!

As the famous thought leader Jim Rohn said, “For things to change YOU have to change. For things to get better YOU have to get better. For things to improve, YOU have to improve. When you grow everything in your life grows with you.

I continue on this amazing mission to empower, uplift and unite people to help them step off the crazy GRIND of an unfulfilled life and take steps towards building their version of “LIFE BY DESIGN” just as I have been blessed to do with this business. We are a global team of over 350 people and we are JUST GETTING STARTED!


If you ARE NOT where you want to be in your life, in your work, in your health, with your finances but you KNOW you are meant for MORE – I would LOVE to chat and share my business and journey with you! I am on a mission to locking arms with hard working, kind, determined people with GRIT to teach them my strategies for living an abundant life and ESCAPING the 9-5 GRIND and join our growing TRIBE of visionaries!!! Message me today to schedule a call:

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference… that one person is YOU!

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend and business mentor

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