Welcome to our site! I am Kim MacGregor.

I am excited to introduce my three amazing daughters and partners; Madison (15yrs), and twins Ava (12yrs) and Elle (12yrs). How fantastic it is that you are joining us on this powerful women’s and girls social movement!

Our mission is to help inspire, unite and empower girls and women to live their most AMAZING life in all areas; health, relationships, financial prosperity and following your passions. We take a unique perspective from two different generations – allowing us to learn from one another through shared experiences and wisdom. Using social media for social good, we share messages, tips and advice through blogs, YouTube videos and Instagram to spread LOVE, to INSPIRE, to CELEBRATE, to CONNECT.

I started this journey in 2010 as a a grassroots movement with a Flash Mob video to celebrate the life of our dear friend Erika Heller who lost her 4-year battle with inoperable colon cancer May 28, 2009 at 31 years old, just 2 weeks shy of her 1-year wedding anniversary. Erika was our soul-sister who taught us so much about courage, strength and the power one person has to positively impact another person’s life. She ended every conversation or meeting with us by saying, “I just want you to know, I think you’re amazing because…” That beautiful nugget of wisdom is what we chose to create a legacy of her spirited life to unite and celebrate the AMAZINGness we see in the girls and women we share our life with, and those we are inspired by.

With absolutely NO social media experience (I didn’t have a Facebook account or even know what TWITTER was-DON’t laugh!) we achieved our goal of reaching over 1,000,000 views on our YouTube flash mob video and along the way, gained some amazing global supporters including celebrity Mariel Hemingway, thought leader Cheryl Richardson and Dove’s brand ambassador Jess Weiner, among others. Our flash mob was duplicated in Bijeljina, Germany, California, and at girls camps, among other empowering women’s events. Our mission and video were shared across the world from Australia to Germany, Italy, Japan and China, we were featured in a student-documentary and even made it to the Huffington Post.

But this is just the beginning. We want to move girls and women from status quo to – feeling displaced, feeling lack, not earning enough financially, struggling in relationships, trying to find your passion…to a life that is about creating CHANGE living in joy and abundance and leaving a legacy behind with your special, unique mark on the world.

Remember one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love,

Madison, Ava, Elle and Kim xo

Madison, Ava, Kim and Elle




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  1. I am so moved by your story and love of your dear friend Erika. You are right, the lesson is not in the “Why” of her passing at such a young age, but rather how she lived her life!

    I imagine the tenderness of telling every woman she met – what amazed her about them and how grateful she was – to be life-giving and transforming. Gratitude in itself is a powerfully healing vocation. To spend each day in gratitude, no matter what our circumstances are, gives us meaning and inspiration in our lives.

    There have been countless women in my life who have inspired me on my journey, from the very deep connections, to the simple by-chance meetings.

    When we choose to live our lives in awareness and gratitude we can see so many inspiring women around us, and taking a moment to offer a kind gesture – a smile, an acknowledgement can and will create a more peaceful world….not only among women, but among all people.

    The women that come to mind in my life, which have inspired me greatly would be, my mother Sara. For her simplicity as a caretaker, watching her attend to my father needs, (he was very ill in the last few years of his life) with her unending unconditional love was awesome to witness.

    My dear sister Isabel, who has inspired me with her acts of kindness and generosity, they are both genuine and from her heart. She taught me the art of giving, and not expecting anything in return. She has cared for each of her nieces and nephews as if they were her own, she helped raise each child with love and kindness.

    My oldest daughter Daniella, has inspired me to become a better person, she has shown me what it is like to be determined and persistent. Her creative beauty has taught me to be appreciative of the creative life force that is within all of us.

    My twin daughters Isabella, and Megan.

    Isabel has inspired me to appreciate the art in my life, with her passion for drama, arts and all things living, she has often graced me with her illuminating essays, and wonderful performances.

    Megan has inspired me to seek justice and to embrace the art of “being fair” with all that arises in life. Her tenacious desire to always see both “sides of the coin” amazes me and inspires me to pause before reacting and rather, respond to whatever life brings me.

    There have been many professional women in my life who have inspired me with their ability to be ever present to other women in their lives – One mention would have to be Katia from Positive Fabulous Women, whom I have had the opportunity to sit and chat with. She is truly inspiring with her ability to naturally connect women with many opportunities for personal and professional development. Her wonderful smile and genuine love of women is transparent and endearing.

    And then there are the women who have graced my life with their beautiful talent and inspirational words, Maya Angelou with her graceful poise, her strength and her poetry which have moved and stirred the love in my heart.

    My dear friend Belinda Brady – a Jamaican born, Canadian recording artist, who has often lifted my spirits with her raspy roots vocals to her gentle offering of friendship. She has, often, afforded me her shoulder to cry on!

    A wonderful woman who is nameless, as it was in passing that she inspired me to write poetry, when I was afraid to write – as English was my second language and I struggled with grammar… (etc) She told me about “poetic license” which freed me to just pick up a pen and write. It was a brief moment but it had a huge affect on my life!

    There have been the numerous women mentors who have also graced my life with their wisdom and unyielding capacity to truly “see” the woman before them.

    I have to mention my dear friend Grace Cirocco – the Canadian best-selling author of “Take the step the bridge will be there” who has “graced” and touched my life with deep reverence.

    Grace raised me up from the depths of great despair and brought me into the bosom of her heart. Her unyielding care for the female soul is truly inspiring, often cited as “the midwife for the female soul” She has birthed many women into their own personal power and freedom.

    I would like to thank you Kim & Erika for your beautiful site, it is heartfelt and truly inspiring!

    Like the quote on your site which states that “inside every story, there is a beautiful journey.” Reading your story was indeed a beautiful journey.

    I wish you all the best in creating the movement of one million amazing women – I believe it will be an easy task to accomplish – there are so many amazing women amongst us!

    Peace & Love,

    Filomena Costa
    February, 7th 2010

  2. Your story is very sad Kim, yet Erika has left a lasting impression of goodness on you and inspired you to do great things in life, like this movement. That is what our lives are all about! Erika sure sounds like the kind of friend everyone would want to have. 🙂 It is beautiful for you to preserve her memory and inspire others in this way.

    The amazing woman in my life is my mother Shirley Sciberras. My mother always worked double jobs to look after myself and her other two children. She survived various life threatening illnesses and circumstances in her life all the time keeping us kids active in social activities like girl guides, hockey, bowling, and making sure every weekend we did family things together, no matter how tired she was. She was always an independant and strong willed woman. Around 51 years old my mother found out that she had a cancerous inoperable oligodendroglioma brain tumor. The family was devastated. My mom lost her prestigious job with the supreme courts of Ontario, lost her license, and eventually her home. Now 11 years later, with no help from the government, my mom is still persevering. She has had major surgeries and lost a lot of her mobility. At 62 years old she is now in a nursing home, but her strength and determination to never give up the fight has kept her alive and hopeful for the future. If I was in her shoes I don’t know if I would have so much courage. Life is a daily battle for her, she is often in pain, and her memory functions are impaired, yet she hangs on to the memories of the past, the so many great times we have all had together, and the love that keeps her an amazing part of our family. My mother has taught me that determination and hope can go a long way. Thank you for this opportunity to share in what an amazing woman my mother Shirley is.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this powerful story about your courageous and valiant mother, Shirley. How lucky you are to call her your mom!
      Yes – Erika was a very special person and a wonderful friend – ALWAYS there for all her friends when we needed her. I feel blessed to have known her, and grateful for the opportunity to meet people like you through this movement. We all have equally powerful and influential women in our lives who who shape our character, change the way we see the world, and build our strength, perspective and understanding of what it means to be a woman. Thank you for being part of this movement. Big hugs to you and your mom, Kim xoxo

  3. Erika was a dear, dear friend, and today on her birthday I am remembering her dearly. I am going through some things and remembered what a special spirit Erika was and how she dealt with what she was given, she is an inspiration to me, I am so grateful to her and to have her in my life always.

  4. I am so sorry about your friend Erica:( I am sorry that all of us on here didnt get a chance to know her. I too have had an amazing friend in my life who has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. Her name is Patricia Franke. This woman has been there for me like a second mother. She was the one who came to my boyfriends funeral with me when he was killed on his motorcycle. She’s seen me through failed relationships and my divorce/custody battle. She was the ONLY one who believed in my abilities…even when I didnt believe in them myself. She is the BEST woman I know in so many ways. I dont know what my life would have been like without this amazing woman! I love her so much! Thank you for letting me share this…..

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