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  1. A letter to Kim after the experience of the Flash Mob:

    Hi Kim,

    I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity to bring joy into the lives of others. A significant loss is often the catalyst to “pay it forward” as it tends to clarify our true priorities and bring what is important into sharp focus.

    Eighteen months ago, my brother passed away in his sleep in my home. He was 46. He had a heart condition but was on medication and it came as a complete shock. He stayed at my place about 10 times a year when he had an editing gig in the city. I tried to wake him up for work, and he simply didn’t wake up. It was the single worst experience of my life and the loss was devastating. We were only 13 months apart and more like twins. To say that it shook my world is an understatement.

    After taking care of the practical issues of such a loss, I entered a period of tremendous (quiet) grief which has only recently started to dissipate. The soul-searching that resulted from that shocking loss resulted in several changes. I ended a friendship which was negative as I have no time for people, activities or things which impact my life in a negative fashion. I created a blog to help me cope with the loss and recently revamped it into a more positive forum to celebrate taking one’s life back and living life with deliberate intent. It’s at (my pseudonym). I started the 40+ Fabulous Women social group at I have over 140 members who have been positively impacted by the group which feels good.

    Last October, when I turned 49 I decided I would no longer live my life with blinders on and would expand my experiences and live outside my comfort zone. I knew there was more to life than being a mother and corporate manager. There was also a self whom I’d ignored for some time in favour of others. But no more! And so, I accepted an offer to speak at our convention in front of 1500+ people. I spent my 49th birthday in Washington DC, exploring the Smithsonian all alone – and loved every minute of it since my emotions and impressions were not diluted by anyone else’s opinion or input. I allowed a hissing cockroach to climb up my arm at one particular exhibit. And, I participated in your Flash Mob which was a fabulous experience on this journey of self-discovery.

    Here was the most meaningful part of the experience for me. In my neighbourhood, randomly and regularly I see an older man out jogging. Consistently over the past 10 years I have seen him. I am always inspired by his consistency. He has no idea who I am since I see him when I’m driving home from work. But his actions, completely unbeknownst to him, impact me. During one of the performances of the Flash Mob, I had the good fortune to be dancing beside two older ladies, both of whom resembled the dear grandmother I was dancing for. The delight and joy in their eyes, and the thank you they gave me at the end, is something I will always remember. We never know whose life we are impacting in either a positive or negative way. I am proud to have impacted peoples’ lives in a positive, joyful way on Sunday.

    I know this was a long message but I just want you to know that this was another step outside my comfort zone, and it was immeasurably rewarding.

    Thank you


    • While I am sorry for your loss, I thank you so much for sharing this touching story Sharron! It is wonderful to learn how other people overcome adverse situations and grow from them! You my friend, are to be commended for your bold strength, your courage and your true intention! It is amazing to think of the resilience we summon when we need to and how it changes the way we see the world and how we live our lives. I am so happy you joined us for the flash mob-YOU COUNTED and you have made a difference! Thank you for reaching out. Big hugs, Kim x

  2. I wanted to share the story of my sister Sandra. One year ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, at this time our father was diagnosed with lung cancer and just a month after our mother passed away suddenly. WIth all this that has gone on my sister has continued to fight with everything she has. She has gone through chemo, surgery, more tests than you can imagine and is now going through chemo again. After all she has endured I can’t believe that she is still fighting, but she is. She has shown me a strength I can’t even begin to understand and also have kept a wonderful sense of humor through it all. She is truly an inspiration to all who know her. She truly is one amazing woman and I am proud to call ther my sister.

  3. Kim, WOW! I am balling my eyes out as I type this. On Superbowl Sunday I held my step father as he passed away from colon cancer. This video just struck me and now I am grieving the tears that I have been holding in for weeks.
    My sons’ are wondering if I am ok and I am. It feel so good to cry and let go. I thank you for your passion, mission, love and light.

    There are paths in life that we never “want” to travel. Many times the path that leads to strength, inspiration and enlightenment takes us through great frustration, pain and loss.

    I can personally say to all the women who read this… life’s greatest treasures can be found on the most challenging paths.

    Thanks so much for being true to you! I hope to be in a mall somewhere someday and witness your glory!!!!!!!

    Love and light to all

  4. Hi Kim-
    I just “stumbled upon” your flash mob and it was such a beautiful and loving tribute to your friend. Like you and too many others, I lost a dear friend to cancer. It has changed my life completely. I went back to school, changed up my lifestyle and have dedicated myself to the education of anyone who is open to the information.
    Thank you for sharing your story and your wonderful tribute with the world.
    Love and health to you and yours,

    • Thank you so much for stopping by – so happy you found your way here!
      I have so much respect for how you have changed your life! Isn’t it amazing to think how the experiences of our life can alter our direction for the better. I believe YOU are amazing Susan Sasek!
      Thank you for being part of this journey!
      Big hugs,
      Kim xo
      Inspired friend

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