Day 30 of 30 days of gratitude…LOVE!

Well here we are! The final day of 30 days of gratitude, but of course, it isn’t really the end. Everyday there is so much to be grateful for, this is just a tiny fragment of the beauty of my life over the past 30 days!

On top of these posts, there were the regular trials and tribulations of life, including hot flashes (wickedly awesome change of life – AYE AYE AYE), a tragic young death in our family, a celebration of a beautiful friend’s birthday who died far too young, challenging times and everything in between. Because, after all, that IS LIFE!

I KNOW first-hand the power gratitude has to transform us. To change our circumstances, our fortune, our love life, our relationships with everyone who matters…I’ve lived it over and over again in every aspect of my life….and still, at times, I had to sit and THINK about what I have to be grateful for in each new day.

I started this 30-day blog-challenge to get me writing again, writing on one of my favourite topics no less. Writing has always been one of my passions, so this forced me into the daily consistency of it! For that I am grateful to be back on track. As much as it was work to write daily, now that I am on the last day – day 30 – I am struck by how much more I want to write about…how much more I AM so very grateful for – my family, my husband, my career. But in the end I choose to write about what I am grateful for every single day and that is LOVE.

MacGrgeor Family Kim MacGregor Madison MacGregor

Love in all it’s forms. The way it shows up and pulls us through. Love for choice and change, for people and passions, for moving forward and for standing still to catch your breathe. I am grateful for the way love fills my heart and makes it feel electric and alive. Sometimes that happens when I hear my girls laughter through the day, beside me. Sometimes I feel it when I am laying in bed at the end of a day and I feel my husband wrap me in his arms, sometimes it is the grand realization of all the freedom and choice I have worked so hard to create in my business and the overwhelming sense of gratitude and LOVE I feel for all of it.

Gratitude, which is really another word for love, is something I take the time DAILY to look for, to think of. Because if I don’t, it is easy to get caught up in the speed of the day, the demands around us, the tasks that have to be done and forget to see the beauty and LOVE around us that we have to be so grateful for. Gratitude…LOVE…is a daily MUST.

So today, as I wrap up this 30 days of gratitude challenge, I commit to continually live in a state of gratitude because it FEELS so good! Because it creates such magical change. Because it is GROUNDING and LIFTING all at the same time, to the soul, to the heart and to all that matters. It’s not always about what we GET, it’s about HOW WE FEEL and gratitude and LOVE just feel so darn good!

If you don’t have a regular gratitude ritual that you do daily, I highly recommend it. It will change everything about your life. I’ll be writing on that more in an upcoming blog!!!

Thanks for following this – there are MORE great revelations to come.

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Decide that you are going to live your most amazing life by design.

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo

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International Women’s Day 2011 – I Believe She’s Amazing

As we celebrate the centennial of International Women’s Day we are given the incredible opportunity to stop and reflect on the numerous accomplishments and progress that has been made for girls and women in the past 100 years…and to acknowledge the challenges that still lay ahead.

While we are able to vote (in North America), leave an abusive relationship, get a job, wear what we choose, receive an education and speak our mind…there are women around the world who, shockingly, still do not have the rights we do. And so we must speak for them…because we can.

As “soul sisters” of an amazing global tribe of courageous, resilient, inspiring girls and women we tell the stories of the young girls who are not allowed to go to school simply because they are girls….the young women who are forbidden to speak to any man other than her husband for fear she will be killed…the young girls who must endure gang rape in the heart of the Congo…the young girls who must undergo the brutal practice of female genital mutilation. As shocking as it is to believe, and as difficult as it is to think of, we speak about these atrocities to create awareness. We speak about it to help bring an end to it…and we believe.

We believe in change…we believe that one day equality will be a God-given right for every human being.

I recently asked an amazing group of young girls to write down what they believe in and here are just a few responses.

Beyond their bright hopeful and innocent selection of words, I watched a group of girls rally around with utter excitement to share their “believe” word. They paid careful attention to the words they chose…words that included: courage, equality, friendship, love, smiles, believing and soul, among others. They supported each other with encouragement, laughter, strength and security-standing beside one another in front of the camera. This exercise was a statement of the very thing that makes me believe that there will be much more to celebrate in the years ahead…I believe in unity! These girls, all different ages, worked together with thoughtfulness, consideration and creativity to express themselves and help one another.

I recently read a fabulous blog by Kari Henley in the Huffington Post about International Women’s Day which included an invitation to “reach out to the oldest woman you know.” To give her a call, to hear how the world has changed for the better from her, and to thank her for playing a part in where we stand today, “On the shoulders of our great grandmother’s.”

I would add, after the experiment I witnessed, that we also take a moment to reach out to all the amazing young girls in our lives on whose beliefs our future rests. Educate them about the progress we’ve made and make them aware of how lucky they are to have a world of opportunities ahead of them. Remind them of the challenges that remain for countless girls and women in different parts of the world. Encourage them to believe they can use their voice and their freedom to achieve true equality…and to create change.

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day I ask you to acknowledge all the amazing girls and women who live in your heart and soul and who inspire you through their friendship, in the most meaningful ways. I encourage you to reach out to them and share this video, with a simple expression of gratitude that says, just as my dear friend Erika taught me, “I just want you to know I think you’re amazing…”

While not all of us are able to travel to the far reaches of the world to hold the hand of a woman or child who has survived unimagined adversity…we can use our voice to praise each other…to remind each other of the powerful truth that we believe in them…and we can “pay it forward” so that girls and women around the world become part of the inspiring ripple effect of love and all the “good” that comes from that!

I believe one person can make a difference in the world…that one person is YOU!

Happy International Women’s Day!!! Let me know what your “Believe” word is by posting it below and sharing your voice.

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo
Inspired friend and Founder of the Global Grassroots Movement, “I Believe She’s Amazing”
Visit our site to learn about Erika, the inspiring woman behind this movement

Eat, Pray, Love – Lesson #18

I enjoyed a wonderful evening at my in-laws celebrating my sister-in-laws birthday. We ate a fabulous roast beef dinner prepared by my mother-in-law, whom I adore!

I had the privilege of engaging in a great conversation with my 16-yr-old niece over a cup of tea, before dinner. She shared her life, her thoughts, and dreams with me and I enjoyed every second of it.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this family. There was laughter, love and enlightenment overflowing around the dinner table tonight, as there is no matter where we meet up. I caught myself, in the moment, feeling gratitude for these people, for all that we learn from each other, and for the many ways we are always there for each other, regardless of how busy our lives are.

So for lesson #18 in my 30 days of learning, I would have to say it is to enjoy every aspect of eating, praying and giving thanks for family, and loving and accepting everyone just as they are.

Remember one person can make a difference in this world…that one person is YOU!

Lots of love,

Inspired friend xo
Founder, I Believe She’s Amazing

Take an Unexpected Detour – Lesson #10

I had an unexpected turn of events today that became a lesson in my ongoing 30 days of learning experiment.

On my way to a meeting I drove past the cemetery where my parents lay at rest. I haven’t been there in a few years, I must confess. I speak to them everyday, from wherever I am so I don’t really think I need to be at their grave-site to be in communication.

Having said that…to be there, to see their names and the dates of their short lives etched in stone, filled me with emotion and a flood of memories. I knelt in front of the bench and ran my fingers along the heavy engraved last name BOURNE…my maiden name…memories of my childhood.

It felt like I was living a surreal moment, from a movie, as the blue background of the sky welcomed the passing of puffy white clouds above. I wept and prayed. I prayed to my parents, to God, to the heavens above and I thanked them all for the moment of silent reverie and reflection.

After 30 minutes, I felt an incredible sense of peace.

Say a prayer. Believe your voice is heard. There is a sense of calm that will wash over you. Be open to taking an unplanned detour in your day and you may discover that the most amazing moments and gifts await you. That little detour was just what I needed today.

Remember one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love in my heart and peace in my soul,

Inspired friend, forever loving daughter to Bonnie and Dave Bourne who first introduced me to the concept of what it means to “believe” xo xo
I Believe She’s Amazing

Erika…Our Beacon of Light

My friend Erika was a beacon of light!

She was not afraid to be big and bold and bright. She was full of life and nothing held her back from living it to the fullest! Not even cancer! Her greatest love was children. She made funny voices, got down on the floor and played Barbie’s, hand-painted piggy banks and finger painted with my children, squeezing herself next to them at their little plastic picnic table. She was every child’s dream best friend…but she had a license to drive…a dream come TRUE!

My children wrote about her in their journal’s at school all the time, referring to her as “my best friend.” I don’t think the teacher’s realized for a few months, that she was an adult. The descriptions of her made her sound like another young child. We all LOVED that about Erika!

She taught me so many things about living. Many of those lessons I am just now realizing. She has only been gone from this Earthly place for a few months. At only 31 years old, God took her from us far too young…but she lives on in the smiles, the laughter and the tears of everyone who knew her.

My house has been abuzz with Erika Heller chatter, these first couple of weeks of school. We have all shed tears of sadness for how much we miss her. Hers was always the first call, on the first day of school  when I would return to the eerily silent house. Bypassing any formal HELLOS, she would cut straight to the chase, “How are my girls? Do they like their teachers? Are their friends in their class? What did they wear?”  And our hour-long conversation would ensue.

I missed hearing her voice this year. I had a little conversation with her in my kitchen, looking up to the skies through tear-stained cheeks.

My oldest daughter Madison, was interviewed by a new boy in her class the first day so the class could find out more about each other. One of the question’s she was asked was, “Who do you most admire?” Her eyes filled with tears as she immediately thought about Erika, whose beauty, bravery and love have greatly influenced Madison’s life.

Ava and Elle, my 7-year-old twins, sat on the carpet at school the other day listening to the story of a brave hero, Terry Fox, who battled cancer but united a country. They began to cry as they thought of the courage of our smiling friend, who never complained one day about the cancer she battled for 4 years.

Though we have all cried thinking of Erika, it is OUR LOSS we cry for most. Because we love her…and she loved us! She is our soul-sister. It is our good fortune to have loved so much, that brings us to tears.

I was inspired to write this post this morning after I came across a poem by Marianne Williamson that I had read many years ago in her book, because it reminded me of Erika. She lived her life the way this poem encourages all women to live…with childlike abandon, brightness, brilliance and boldness! I feel so blessed that my children and I have such an inspiring point of reference as a reminder of how amazing we are…as young girls…and as women.

Hug your friends and your children today if you can! Make that call and hear their voice…and for heavens sake don’t be afraid to SHINE!

With love,

Kim xo

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves,
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
as children do.
We were born to make manifest
the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;
it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.”

– Marianne Williamson,  A Return to Love