Day 29 of 30 days of gratitude…beautiful memories!

I just got 6 – 8MM high definition video cartridges back after being converted to DVD’s. These 6 videos are from 17-18+ years ago when our first born, Maddie, was a baby and just learning to talk and walk.


I cried from these beautiful memories that make me realize that time goes by waaaayyy to fast! A reminder to savour the moments and spend as much time with our loved ones as we can, and of how precious my baby girls have always been to me!

Maddie cried-feeling a sense of gratitude for the love she has always been surrounded by.  Seeing herself as a baby and toddler and watching what were the beginnings of a wicked sense of humour, a fiery determination in everything she does, a beautiful free-spirit full of imagination and creativity all made her feel a deep sense of gratitude as well.

Gratitude is just one of this magical things that grounds you to your core and reminds you of what is truly important!

Today, I am ever so grateful for beautiful memories (and old home videos)!!

Never stop believing one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

Decide that you are going to live your most amazing life by design.

With love and gratitude,

Kim xo

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Take an Unexpected Detour – Lesson #10

I had an unexpected turn of events today that became a lesson in my ongoing 30 days of learning experiment.

On my way to a meeting I drove past the cemetery where my parents lay at rest. I haven’t been there in a few years, I must confess. I speak to them everyday, from wherever I am so I don’t really think I need to be at their grave-site to be in communication.

Having said that…to be there, to see their names and the dates of their short lives etched in stone, filled me with emotion and a flood of memories. I knelt in front of the bench and ran my fingers along the heavy engraved last name BOURNE…my maiden name…memories of my childhood.

It felt like I was living a surreal moment, from a movie, as the blue background of the sky welcomed the passing of puffy white clouds above. I wept and prayed. I prayed to my parents, to God, to the heavens above and I thanked them all for the moment of silent reverie and reflection.

After 30 minutes, I felt an incredible sense of peace.

Say a prayer. Believe your voice is heard. There is a sense of calm that will wash over you. Be open to taking an unplanned detour in your day and you may discover that the most amazing moments and gifts await you. That little detour was just what I needed today.

Remember one person can make a difference…that one person is YOU!

With love in my heart and peace in my soul,

Inspired friend, forever loving daughter to Bonnie and Dave Bourne who first introduced me to the concept of what it means to “believe” xo xo
I Believe She’s Amazing

Is there a young girl you BELIEVE in?

My wonderful friend Erika–the inspiration behind the campaign I Believe She’s Amazing–BELIEVED in my daughters. She celebrated in all of their accomplishments-big and small. She was a source of joy, friendship and unconditional love.

She was the first person they called to share exciting news about school, dance or a new book. She “showed up” in their life any way she could, whenever she could…by phone, email and of course in person.

Her dedication to my children astonished me, and still does even as I write this. I am filled with emotion as I recall the beauty of our friendship and her commitment to my children, to be there for them and to share in the magical moments of their life. When she was in the same room as them, it was as if everything else stopped. She entered their world and played at their level – whether it was Barbie’s, Little Pet Shop or Webkinz.

She came to a few of their lessons each year, she never missed a birthday party, she even attended their dance recital just days after receiving a round of chemo-looking radiant and beautiful in white.

Erika-just days after chemo-at my children's dance recital

Erika-just days after chemo-at my children's dance recital

When I told Erika that Maddie was being bullied at school she immediately said, “Put Madison on the phone.” As Maddie held the phone to her ear, listening in silence, her face instantly turned from sad and scared to laughing and smiling. “Okay, okay,” Madison giggled into the phone. ”
What did she say that made you giggle?” I asked. She said, “Don’t pay attention to what one mean kid says-she’s got serious issues…remember I believe you are amazing…always remember that okay kiddo.” Those simple words lifted a veil of darkness for one eight-year-old girl. The next day after school, Erika showed up on our front porch. After hugging and kissing my children she asked Maddie if she had any new Pokeman cards (her favorite thing at the time). “Let’s go get some Madison-we’ll be right back you guys.” They returned about 30 minutes later, Maddie had new Pokeman cards along with a new carrying case for them, and little treats for Ava and Elle. Maddie was glowing, imbued with a renewed sense of confidence and joy, not because of the cards, but because of the valuable time and attention Erika had shown her. Erika used to tell her oncologist that these brief visits with my girls were her munchkin therapy. The truth is, her visits were great therapy for my girls just as much as they were for Erika.

I share this with you because there is power in believing in little girls. In reflecting back, it is clear to me that Erika was a mentor to my children. If you are lucky enough to end up with a friend that develops this type of bond with your children, you are all truly blessed. It’s kind of like buying your favorite product and discovering a FREE bonus pack attached-it’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!

That is the power and message of the campaign I Believe She’s Amazing…it is a reminder to recognize and acknowledge the amazing girls and women in your life. Let them know how you feel…send a note, make a phone call or share an inspiring song or video. The smallest act of kindest can make a world of difference in someone’s life.

Although Erika lost her battle with cancer last year, and we miss her terribly, she left a huge impact on our souls…she changed our lives forever. Her beautiful spirit continues to touch lives as we share I Believe She’s Amazing with people around the world, who help us “pay-it-forward.”

Share this video with all the amazing girls and women you know…it will lift their spirits and change their lives to know someone Believes they are amazing.

Never forget ONE person can make a difference in the world…that one person is YOU!

With love,

Inspired friend xo